Water Color Work

One of my favorite mediums to work in is Watercolor. The process I use is done by being penciling, then painting with watercolors, then inking with black ink. There are various images below, many were done for past Comic Expos. Process pictures showing how they are made can be found on my Instagram page @timbromleyart. Thanks for looking!

(click images for a bigger picture!)

Here's Sweet Tooth. I think its done.swamp thing mogwai fisto egon bantha 10299797_781188008558278_839584385_n 927298_776778442332708_1303903308_n Yes! Krang is complete!

All finished up with the on this All finished up with our guardian of Mr. Stay Puft! All finished up Finished this Super Mario painting requested by hope you like it!Finished my next for the coming up soon! September 20th @ the Asheville Civic Center come on down! Lots of cool stuff! All finished with this got another one finished up! All finished up and ready to phone home... one down two to go!