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(Below is an archived post of the story idea synopsis and concept art I made for I comic book project I am currently creating. The project has been put on hiatus but I am planning on reviving it soon! Take a look below)

Pangea Ultima is the title of a comic book series I am currently working on creating. The story is set far in the future where the world now consists of one super continent Pangea Ultima! The main story takes place after Earth’s surface was decimated by a giant meteor. Before the meteor hit roughly 1600 people fled Earth on a large Space Barge.

After many generations were born and raised on the giant barge in outer space, hundreds of years later the ship returns to Earth. When they arrive on Earth they find that things are very different from what they had learned about their native planet. One of the big differences is that several species that had once roamed Earth’s surface millions of years ago are alive and thriving once again!

Read below for character bios about the stories main protagonists and antagonists!

(click on pictures for a better look!)


Another character fot my this is doctor Rudolph Reed...

Dr. Rudolph Reed

Rudolph Reed is a 250+ year old super genius and scientist (he stopped keeping track of his age). He was the inventor of and leader in biomechanical human advancements to prolong people’s lives. His technologies were a great success before the meteor hit and destroyed Earth’s surface. Although he was offered a spot on the space barge leaving Earth before the meteor’s collision he opted to stay on Earth in his underground survival bunker with only his dog companion Pangea. While underground he performed his own biomechanical advancements on both himself and Pangea so they could stay alive until the barge returned.


Character concept design for a comic book I want to make...this is 17 yo Walker Eastman

Walker Eastman

Walker is a 17 year old boy who was born and raised on the space barge in outer space. Walker is very quiet, timid and often nervous and spends most of his time reading books. While on the barge Walker spent most of his time in the library, the library on the barge was originally set up and run by it’s curator Atticus Eastman, Walker’s great ancestor. Walker learned much about Earth through the books in the library and the journals of his ancestor.

Atticus Eastman was a paleontologist who many people declared insane because of his theories and predictions about the worlds demise and the eventual return of dinosaurs. Atticus would often talk of how he saw these happenings in visions and dreams. Walker will soon find out after the barge returns to Earth that his great ancestor was a good friend of Dr. Rudolph Reed. Reed adapted the name Pangea for his dog based on Atticus’s excessive ramblings about the coming of Pangea Ultima and the return of prehistoric times. Walker read many of these same ideas from within Atticus’s journals. Both Walker and Rudolph will both find out that many of his ideas once thought of as crazy are indeed becoming a reality.


This is another character concept I made... Pangea the dog

Pangea the Dog

Pangea is a half biomechanical dog and sole companion to Dr. Rudolph Reed. He was named after Rudolph’s once best friend Atticus Eastman’s ideas about the coming of Pangea Ultima. Pangea survived along side Rudolph Reed in his underground survival bunker for over 200 years. Pangea is a faithful and loyal friend who will wind up being a great asset to the survival of both Rudolph and Walker on Pangea Ultima!

This is a for a splash page. More for my Finished the and on this for my

Below here are some practice drawings of the story’s main protagonists which include Dr. Rudolph Reed’s former partner turned evil genius that goes by the name Helio, a new race of cannibalistic nomads that are known as Siats, a 15 foot tall giant sloth, Saur-troopers and of course dinosaurs!

This is another for my He is named Helio and is a He runs mostly on electricity and likes to capture small and use them to his advantage through the use of shock collars!


Helio is the single named super genius turned evil genius. He was once partner to Rudolph Reed helping him with his developments in biomechanical human advancements. Helio was eventually taken down from his position as Rudolph’s assistant after Rudolph discovered his plans of cloning himself and creating a super army to try to rule the world.

Rudolph Reed will soon find out that Helio also survived on Earth through the meteors collision. He now runs mostly on electricity and captures small dinosaurs which puts to his aid through the use of shock collars. Helio will go on to create a army of dinosaur/human hybrids that will become known as Saur-troopers.

This is a another for my


Siats are a new race of nomad like cannibalistic beings that live on the surface of Pangea Ultima. Little is known about the siats or where they come from.

This is another for my He may be skiiny but I wouldn't mess with his double ended He also wears a necklace made from the teeth and tounge of a

(The Siat above comes fully equipped with a double ended raptor talon bo-staff and wears a necklace made from the teeth and tongue of a dinosaur!)


Don’t go into the woods unless you want to run into the giant sloth! Don’t worry though he won’t hurt you…on purpose!

More for my this is a dinosaur/human hybrid called a saurtrooper


Saur-troopers are a created and cloned army of dinosaur/human hybrids made by the evil super genius Helio. This one is a raptor/human hybrid, Helio also selected a few other breeds of dinos to splice with human DNA and create his army.

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