This was the last watercolor painting I did before this years Asheville Comic Expo! It is a scene taken from one of my favorite comic books of all time Justice League #5 from the 1987 Justice League series by the creative team of Keith Giffen, JM Dematteis and Kevin Maguire. In this comic Green Lantern Guy Gardner challenges Batman to a fight without using his power ring. When they square off Batman takes him out with one single punch!

“I can say one thing Batman: he’s efficient!” Mister Miracle

Below are the process pictures of making this watercolor painting capturing the famous comic book scene! Prints of this and all my water colors are now available through the order prints link on this page!

Thanks for looking!

(click on images for bigger pictures!)

Decided that I wanted to do atleast one more  before the  this weekend! Here are some   colors coming soon! Started the  on this one, should be done soon Finished the  time for black now! Probably the last  I will get done for the  coming up this Saturday!! Come out to the Asheville Civic Center! Lot's of cool stuff and great talent! smile for the camera!

Close up! Smile for the camera Guy!

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