My name is Tim Bromley, I am an independent artist who lives in Asheville NC with my two sons, my daughter and my loving fiance.

While I still maintain a full time job as a Chef here in Asheville, I also work out of home as an creative artist and designer. I have been doing artwork since my childhood and now hold degrees in both arts and fine arts.

My interests include first and foremost my children Atticus, Tobias and Althea who greatly inspire my work as well as music, comic books, Star Wars, outer space, dinosaurs, aliens, movies (mostly from the 80’s) and other things of that nature. A lot of my artwork is created to be enjoyed by children as well as nostalgic adults like myself.

This webpage was made so I can share my artwork with the rest of the world. I am always interested in doing custom or commissioned work for anyone who is interested. Feel free to browse through some of my work here on this site. Thanks for looking!